2014 Boutique Hotel Ploes, Syros
Exhibition Title: “The scepters of consciousness”

2012 Church of San Rocco, Chania
Exhibition Title: “The scepters of consciousness”

2004 Ersie Gallery, Athens
Exhibition Title: “Portraits”

2002 Selini Gallery , Athens.

2001 Ekfrasis Gallery, Glyfada
Exhibition Title: “Energy, Mass, Light”

1999 Andy King Gallery , Soho, New York
Exhibition Title: “The empire”

1998 (Selini Gallery) Santa Marina, Mykonos

1997 Selini Gallery, Athens
Exhibition Title: “A Perfect Day”

1996 Lola Nikolaou Gallery, Thessaloniki
Exhibition Title: “Children’s Dreams”

1995 Prisma Gallery
Exhibition Title: “Fish”

1994 Maya Tsoklis Gallery, Athens
Exhibition Title: “Sunk City”

1992 Ileana Tounda Gallery, Athens
Jewellery Exhibition

1992 Christos Kyriazis Art Gallery, Athens
Exhibition Title: “Civilizations Memories”





2014 Copelouzos Family Art Museum, Athens
Exhibition Title: “35×35 art project”

2012 Booze Cooperativa, Athens
Exhibition Title: “Sexplosion – Penis & Vagina
Relationships in the contemporary visual arts”

2004 Art Athina 2004, Millefiori Art Space Gallery

2004 Iris Gallery, Athens

2003 Hellenic American Union, Athens
An exhibition for AIDS awareness day

2002 Ersie’s Gallery, Athens
Exhibition Title: “Twelve Months in Gold Background”

2001 Benaki Museum, Athens
Exhibition of the American Community Schools of Athens

1998 Downtown People Gallery, Athens

1997 “Melina Merkouri” Cultural Centre, Municipality of Athens.
Exhibition for Doctors Without Frontiers

1997 Ersie’s Gallery, Athens

1997 Kreonidis Gallery, Athens

1997 Selini Gallery, Athens

1997 Cultural Centre, Municipality of Athens

1996 Santa Marina Gallery, Mykonos, Vicky Drako’s collection.
Exhibition Title: “Monoprakta”

1995 American Embassy in Greece

1995 Cultural Centre, Municipality of Athens
Exhibition Title: “Traditional May’s Wreath”

1993 Benaki Museum Athens, Greek Jewellery Exhibition

1992 Christos Kyriazis Art Gallery, Athens